Conservation Of Building And Decorative Stone Second Edition

May 29, 2014

conservation of building and decorative stone second edition

Determination of a Sample, The Range of Stone for Repairs, Mortars, Conventional Handworking of Rock: Procedures and Recognition, Cleaning Masonry Buildings, Stone Monuments at Churches, Stone Sculpture at Museums, East Block Parliament Buildings Ottawa, Cleaning of Painted Stone, Limewashing, Outcomes of Large Numbers of Visitors on Historical Buildings. “One of the problems which beset the conservation of plants is that the fragmentation of the areas involved.” This variant “brings these disciplines together by the participation of contributors with various experiences and strategies.

” Part I is an introduction into the “complexities and history of stone conservation followed by the most exhaustive description yet produced of the building and decorative stones used in the British Isles.

” Part II includes “major structural masonry issues, secondary construction issues and different stone surface conditions…” This 2nd revised edition is additionally a Two-Books-in-One variant: a chunky trade paperback; 447 pp; b&w illustrations throughout; end notes, 4 appendices. Indexed. The extensive illustrations include contemporary and period photos, sections, diagrams, tables, charts, a few maps, a couple floorplans, an numerous technical illustrations.

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